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Our Process



We receive all of our grains directly from local farms, ensuring everything we use to create each of our spirits is fresh, organic, and locally grown. Milled grains are added to filtered water in our Mash Tun and cook over several hours as heat and enzymes convert starches to sugar, resulting in “mash,” which is then cooled and transferred to our Fermenters, where yeast is pitched, and the fermentation begins.



Once the mash is transferred to our Fermenters and yeast is added, the temperature is manually controlled to optimize fermentation. Our Mash Tun and Fermenters each have a 275-gallon capacity, allowing us more control through small batch production. The yeast begins to “eat” the converted sugars in the mash, which in turn converts the sugar to carbon dioxide and ethanol (alcohol), creating what’s called Distillers Beer. This process can take between three days and one week.



Once fermentation is complete and all sugar has been converted to alcohol, the beer is pumped into our 100-gallon hybrid Still. Through evaporation and condensation, we separate the ethanol from the rest of the liquid. This initial “Stripping Run” creates a low-proof clear spirit called “low wines”.

The low wines are then transferred to holding tanks and the process is repeated through a “Spirit Run”, designed to completely separate the ethanol from the other compounds and produce a pure, high-proof ethanol spirit. Our still is custom-designed to produce the highest quality spirits while allowing the distiller total control over the process to create unique and distinctive flavors.


Many of our spirits develop their unique flavors through distillation.



Once our spirits have matured to perfection and are ready to be bottled, they are filtered to remove any impurities and particulates. Each spirit is bottled and labeled by hand before making it to the tasting room and the retail shop, where you can pick up a bottle today. Cheers!

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